Of all the major prophecy commentators, I would say Ray Brubaker's views on prophecy are the closest to mine. For Ray and me, getting people ready for the rapture is our main goal. When I told Ray I would put some of his articles on the internet and that he could see them for himself, Ray told me that he never uses a computer. In fact, he said he still works with some strange device called a "typewriter."


1. Is There A Sin That Can't Be Forgiven?
2. The Flood: A Type Of Coming "Baptism Of Fire
3. Noah Found Grace In The Eyes Of The Lord
4. A Parable On Christ's Coming
5. Jerash: Symbol Of Destruction
6. For Whom Is Christ Coming
7. Who Will Go When The Lord Comes?
8. Missing Christians
9. How Many Will Be Raptured When Jesus Comes?
10. Missionary Or Missing Christians At Our Lord's Return
11. The Testimony Of Rev. Ray Brubaker
12. How To Be Ready For Christ's Return
13. Is The Rapture the Reward of Readiness
14. Petra: City Of Antiquity